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Enroute Center for Development Ltd. leads the way in catering to the market with the required Education and Skills through comprehensively designed Executive Education and envisioning to continue forward.

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ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh
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ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh
ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh
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ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

We are the pioneer of Corporate Training in Bangladesh

Enroute Center for Development Ltd is the ultimate learning platform for future leaders who focus on their development for sustained career growth. We offer diverse, impact-driven training that elevates your career to the next level. We have designed our delivery methods according to the learner's best needs. To unlock new possibilities for your career and beyond ECDL is the right place.

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Employees are the most valuable asset to an organization. And like any other asset to keep it productive employees need to be maintained and developed as well. For employees, it stands for equipping them with skills and development training programs that ensure more productivity in terms of organizational development. In line with your need in the focal point, we develop customized training & development programs for your employees which is the base of the customized program. To reach the organizational mission & vision in the long run this is the perfect solution.

Leadership & Executive Coaching – LEC

Next Step of the Future Leaders

Enroute Center for Development paves the way for future leaders with its leading Professional Leadership Coaching. every individual has a unique style of learning. That being the case, a tailored learning process and environment are crucial to learning and development. In such an instance, executive and leadership coaching is one of the globally acclaimed and influential development tools for executives.

For our program, we have named it Leadership and Executive Coaching (LEC) as a catch-all. We have designed our LEC program by combining the Systems, Psychodynamics, and Coaching approaches.

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