Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Services: The Notion

In simpler terms, the heart of workplace wellbeing or workplace wellness program aims to ensure that the employees are healthy, safe, fulfilled, and engaged at work. The core initiative of the program is to ensure preventive measures to reduce stress, strain, pressure & overwhelming experiences in the workplace that might make the employees mentally edgy and cause a drop in productivity. The pandemic & post-pandemic scenarios called for implementing better initiatives to keep the workplace healthy and productive by disarming mental unwellness at work.

Workplaces are also going through evolution & so are workplace wellbeing services in Bangladesh. As a pioneer in the field of executive education, learning & development Enroute Center for Development is deeply involved with the employees directly. With successive International conferences on industrial organizational psychology, ECDL has sewed the seed of workplace wellbeing initiative in the country and has the best workplace wellbeing program in Bangladesh.

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The Epitome of ECDL’s Workplace Wellbeing Services

Depending on different needs we have structured a model of our workplace wellbeing counseling for the best interest of everyone who requires it.

How ECDL help you implement Workplace Wellness Program

From initiative to implementation ECDL helps you through the process of wellbeing for your organization. We drive effective initiatives such as early intervention, and psychological & behavioral counseling training alongside individual & organizational customized training. Talking to the team of our wellbeing experts you can talk about your current scenario and how you can benefit from ECDL.

Embracing the Change in the Workplace Wellness Program in Bangladesh

Some domains of wellbeing are interrelated with each other. As there is no ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ strategy to ensure overall workplace wellbeing, we need to embrace the change to gain overall organizational superiority. The domains that are benefited from this change are found in,

Benefits of eLearning Program
  • Health – It promotes overall health conditions including physical health, safety & mental health. With workplace wellbeing initiatives, employees are able to manage stress, conflict regulation, and risk assessments which promotes overall good health by reducing risks.
  • Worklife Improvement – Workplace wellbeing promotes a better work life. It improves adaptability to change management, autonomy, work management, and many more. Overall it becomes increasingly rewarding for organizations in the long run.
  • Values & Principles – Leadership, ethical standards, inclusion & diversity are improved with workplace wellbeing initiatives. The improvised dignity at work, corporate & social responsibility, value-based leadership, and engagement affect the total bottom line in values and principles.
  • Personal Growth – Workplace wellbeing goes deeper into an employee’s worklife. It enhances career development opportunities, emotional decisiveness, creativity in problem solutions, and lifelong learning. All these aspects ensure the holistic personal growth of an individual in the workplace.
  • Collective & Social – Building positive relationships is the key to collective & social wellbeing. Ensuring workplace wellbeing practices can visibly change an individual’s personal & social abilities by enhancing capacity development.

Frequently asked questions

eLearning Frequently Asked Question

Measuring employee wellbeing gives you valuable insight into how your employees are doing and if there is anything to improve about. Some of the ways you can measure your employee’s wellbeing are,

  • Employee feedback form/rating. 
  • Analyzing performance or productivity level.
  • Going through sick leaves log 
  • Checking the Overtime Tracker  
  • Analyzing Fluctuation Rate

Wellness means more than just mental or physical wellbeing. There are 8 dimensions of wellness that are equally important. They are,

  • Emotional 
  • Physical 
  • Financial 
  • Environmental 
  • Intellectual 
  • Social 
  • Spiritual 
  • Occupational

There are 5 essential elements of wellbeing. Those are,

  • Career Wellbeing 
  • Social Wellbeing 
  • Financial Wellbeing 
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Physical Wellbeing

Wellbeing assessment is a clear and thorough process of identifying the state of an individual. There are several techniques and tools that can be applied for a detailed wellbeing assessment and it can vary from person to person.

Here are some of the important aspects of employee wellbeing. 

  • Happier & healthier employees take less leave.
  • Highly motivated teams perform better. 
  • A culture of wellbeing attracts top talents. 
  • Ensuring employee wellbeing creates a connection with the organization. 
  • A culture of wellbeing helps build for the future effectively.