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ECDL is one of the pioneer elearning development company in Bangladesh. We help organizations and individuals prepare for challenges with our elearning services. Our dedicated e-learning platform Sudoksho focuses on the journey of a learner that makes him capable of the challenges ahead. We offer high-quality courses online to knowledge seekers with the purpose of making knowledge available and accessible among the mass of people, with the help of modern technology.

At Sudoksho, the courses are authored and facilitated by leading researchers, industry specialists, subject matter experts, and academicians from the country’s best institutions. We not only offer self-paced courses but also custom e-learning development services. To make one capable professionally Sudoksho is offering market-leading courses under popular domains.

Sudoksho offers courses both in English and Bengali to satisfy the needs of different sets of learners. With a continuous effort to create a variety of paths parallel to the ceaselessly changing skill set of individuals; Sudoksho aspires to be a lifelong partner for an individual’s learning; So that people can continuously learn, grow and enhance their life.

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Enroute Center for Development is one of the top e-learning companies aiming to reopen a new door of learning through the technology-based ecosystem. It has offered a unique opportunity of learning to stand out from traditional chalk and board learning. Through its flexible, highly engaging classes learning from renowned faculties, industry leaders and subject matter experts become easier and more convenient. Sudoksho’s custom e-learning services make it easier to learn at self-paced for different categorical audiences. Although there is no definite audience for e-learning as they can be availed by anyone who wants to progress forward in their career by focusing on self-development. But yet the different sets of audiences who can be benefited from our e-learning program are:

elearning development company

Development focused professionals

eLearning development company

Students & scholars who need subject matter specialization.

eLearning development company

Organisations that focus on staff development and the latest compliance.

eLearning development company

Anyone open to learning new skills enhance capability

Flexible eLearning

Anyone looking for a flexible learning opportunity

Our Diversified Methods of E-Learning Programs

Enroute Center for Development is one of the renowned elearning development companies in Bangladesh working with government organizations and INGOs. We understand that in today’s world, learners want relevant, mobile, self-paced & personalized content for learning. The field of e-learning keeps growing with every passing day as more and more domains are introduced to e-learning to satisfy the growing need of learners. As one of the frontrunners of elearning service providers in Bangladesh, we have also focused on diversified e-learning programs for the learner’s best needs. The different types of e-learning programs we are offering:

Benefits of E-Learning Programs

Benefits of eLearning Program

As we keep surfing on the new waves of digitalization and embrace 4IR in the workplace and beyond e-learning has become an integral part of our sustainable development plans. The reason behind e-learning becoming hugely popular among learners of all levels is the advantages it provides in multiple dimensions of learning. Focusing on the edge it provides for the learners we have established our services as e-learning course development company that provides different dimensional learning materials. Let’s have a look at the benefits of our robust e-learning programs,

  • E-Learning is highly effective at achieving targeted results.
  • E-Learning provides the opportunity of learning from anywhere anytime.
  • It enables the learners at all level by breaking the norm of traditional learning.
  • This form of learning supports learners of all capacity and ability.
  • Highly cost effective from traditional learning methods.
  • For professionals it is a great option as it is highly time efficient.
  • It provides consistency and adaptability option for all the learners.
  • E-Learning has the option of assessment and improvement with analytics.

Why Choose Us to Progress with E-Learning

ECDL is one of the best e-learning development companies in Bangladesh. We provide flexible learning options for learners at all levels with a diverse range of courses. Led by our subject matter experts and industry professionals we have designed and perfected the courses to emphasize the highest impact on a learner. Some of the core components behind choosing us are:

eLearning Courses

Expert Led Courses

Our e-learning courses are led by experts at the top level.

self assessment eLearning

Self Assesment

Completing every individual course/training you will be able to asses yourself.

self paced eLearning

Self Paced Learning

Learn from anywhere, anytime at your own pace.

recognized eLearning certification

Recognized Certification

Receive certification that are recognized industry wide.

industry leading eLearning trainers

Industry Leading Trainers

Our trainers are leading individuals in the industry.

industry experience eLearning

Industry Experience

We have the significant experience of over 10 years in the industry.

Frequently asked questions

eLearning Frequently Asked Question

E learning is a technology driven way of learning online, at own pace. E learning programs are instructed by professionals in corresponding fields This method of learning was designed to save money and time while learning. It’s also capable of breaking the barrier by making education & skills available for everyone.

E learning courses are separately designed in different modules or chapters according to the best learning outcome and a learner can go chapterwise step by step learning which also gives an opportunity of self assessment at the end of session. Upon completing all the modules successfully learner’s get the certification based on their assessment.

Cost of e learning varies. Depending on the platform and modality of trainers the cost varies differently. Some e learning programs can be availed at free of cost, some can cost minimum amount of enrollment fee and some can be expensive. Usually based on the modality of skills and knowledge a learner is acquiring from the course the cost varies.  

Different context drives different ways of e-learning. The usual 3 types of e-learning are,

Text Driven

Text Driven contents are easy and simple. This type of content is made of texts and visual materials (images/videos). The assessment techniques of this sort of e-learning are simple as well which are driven by text and video assessment techniques.


Interactive e-learning contents are common in many aspects with text-driven ones. The key differentiator in interactive content is the usage of texts, videos and images. Usually, the pictures (graphs, charts etc) are used in a way to get more interactivity from the audience’s point of view. 


Simulation in e-learning works with graphics, videos, audio, 3D components and many more materials. With simulation, learners are able to learn about the subject matter better with real-life interactive methods.

The benefits of e-learning are various. Depending on individuals to organize a wide range of beneficiaries can be benefited from e-learning programs. Some of the benefits are, 

  1. Cost & Time Effective. 
  2. Assessment Options 
  3. Self Paced Learning 
  4. Learning from Anywhere 
  5. Anyone Can Learn 
  6. Becoming Skill Certified 
  7. Adaptive to Learner’s Capacity & many more.