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Pre Scheduled Executive Training Programs

Enroute Center for Development offers the best flexible corporate training courses in Bangladesh. We are committed to providing the best open training Program to executive learners because we understand that releasing many employees at a time is not a possible option for most businesses. At the same time arranging in-house training might not be necessary all the time in terms of financial feasibility or management. On this note, when you are looking for a cost-effective alternative where you can spare a person or two to brush up on their existing skill or even learn something new that can be beneficial for the organization, an open program is just the right solution.

Not just for others it can also be beneficial for people in management to acquire a new skill or rekindle their previous experiences by joining the pre-scheduled certification courses. These trainings are spearheaded by seasoned professionals and industry experts so you get the most out of your invested time and resources.

Open Training Program

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Our Category Wise Corporate Training Courses

Currently, Enroute Center for Development is offering open training programs under eight different categories. Professionals from different sectors can join our category-specific programs to enhance their skills by joining these scheduled programs.

Program Delivery Methods

We have developed several different delivery methods to satisfy the need for executive training through our open training programs. These methods were developed to adapt to the flexibility of the learners and create an impactful experience. Four of our proven methods are

Advantages of Open Executive Training

Benefits of eLearning Program

Many businesses in Bangladesh don’t have the facility or room for on-site training. The solution to this is open executive online courses that are organized away from your site for both individuals and groups. The advantages of open programs are many. You will get significant advantages on,


  • Highly Cost-Effective: Our open programs are highly cost-effective making them a budget-friendly option for organizational financing.
  • Flexible: Our offerings were developed keeping the highest flexibility in mind, so you can put the right people on the right program at the right time.
  • Professional Environment: Different people from different backgrounds join our scheduled programs which makes it highly professional, enjoyable & engaging.
  • Real-Time Scenario: With the involvement of our highly rated professional trainers, participants can challenge in real-time scenarios to learn effectively.
  • Learning Spirit: To keep up the learning spirit and quality we have limited the participants to a limited number which keeps the trainees highly involved.
  • Focused on One Subject: The focus of the training remains centered on one subject so you can get exactly what you want from the training.

Our Learning & Development Approach

Our learning & development training in Bangladesh is based on 3 important pillars train, transfer & sustain. Other than that, we have a highly effective approach to delivering a successful open training program for our participants.

creative adaptation

Creative Adaptation

Other than traditional learning methods using PowerPoint slides we focus on highly creative ways to adapt to the latest learning & development for our program participants.

interactive learning

Interactive Learning

No matter if you join on-site, off-site, virtual or blended methods of training you will always find it highly interactive which will involve your physical & mental involvement.

practical materials

Practical Materials

We always work on practical materials with the latest compliance in mind. You will get the most out of our training using the practical materials to help you practice & implement.

clear pricing

Clear Pricing

ECDL is always focused on clear & competitive pricing to keep it within your budget and make it easier for your finance to work with.

Frequently asked questions

eLearning Frequently Asked Question

Open program is a special form of training that involves off-site training facilities where individual and group learners can join at their own time choosing from a pre-scheduled training calendar.

Open programs are planned and scheduled for the learners’ needs according to the latest training market research. Learners can join the programs according to their flexibility and interest. Organizations can also book place for their group of participants using the same format.

The pricing of our open programs varies from program to program. The pricing is set depending on the level of the program. We offer programs from basic to advanced levels. Trainers from different industries and backgrounds lead these programs based on the expertise required. ECDL is committed to providing the best pricing for its open programs to ensure the best for the learners.

There are many benefits of open programs. Some of the basic benefits are, 

  1. This is a cost-effective method of upskilling employees for organizations. 
  2. This form of training provides the necessary flexibility for working trainees. 
  3. Our open programs provide a highly engaging session involving participants from different backgrounds and industries. 
  4. Organizations don’t need to arrange and organize facilities for their trainees. 
  5. Virtual and blended methods provide more options for self-assessment and learning through different practice materials.    

If you are a client wanting to experience our open training programs we would like to encourage you to have a look at our training calendar & learn more details about the training from individual course pages. Visit to have a look at our courses and if you have any queries please call our hotline number 01767804408.  

We have a distinct methodology behind developing our open programs. We have developed this methodology to ensure the highest level of impact possible. Our programs always focus on employee engagement and enhancing performance. You can learn more about our way of learning and development by talking to our learning managers easily. Simply call 01767804408 to learn more.