Leadership & Executive Coaching

Setting the Pace at the Peak

Leading the enterprise from the front is a compelling & dynamic experience. Leaders play a crucial role in succeeding in their organizations and progressing from good to great as the role of leaders at the top is far-reaching, complex, and decisive. Our highly equipped leadership coaching provides individual leaders with a development pathway within the context of advancing the entire business and addresses the unique challenges of those leading at the peak.

Learner Specific Programs

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Best For Mid-Level to C-Level Executives

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Coaching Format: In Person or Virtual.

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Duration 5-7 Days

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Model Executive Coach Led Live Class

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Class Size Individual & Group

Choose the Solution That’s Right for You

We have designed the sessions of leadership coaching to integrate spaces for action & spaces for reflection. The sessions are usually an hour long and arranged for individuals or groups. The number of sessions varies depending on the coachable items as agreed during purpose analysis with the coachee.

Challenges Addressed in Leadership Coaching

To ensure the long-term success of the organization as well as their own, it’s important for leaders to perceive what’s working & what’s not, and also understand the reason why. Apart from the specific purpose that an individual is trying to resolve in this specialization coaching we prepare the leaders to tackle the most common challenges found in our research of future needs. We take the participants through:

  • Business Operation Navigation
  • Setting up Strategy
  • Change Management
  • Leading Across Different Boundaries
  • Strengthening the Talent Pipeline of the Organization
  • Adapting the Leadership Style

We Don’t Just Uplift Leaders, We Create Impact

Would recommend this program to a colleague
Say they are better prepared for future responsibilities
Say this program was worth the time & effort

Key Takeaways / Benefits from This Program

Benefits of eLearning Program

In an environment based on trust and mutual respect, our coaches will focus on the conscious and unconscious factors affecting performance in a role of a certain context. The outcome of the sessions will be to

  • Enable coaches to understand and take up their role within their wider organizational and systemic context to increase self-awareness,
  • Explore blocks and  enablers  to  the  achievement  of goals – from an intrapersonal through to the systemic level,
  • Strengthen leadership influence and presence, to strategize in developing confident personal brands & handling life challenges.
  • Enhance their executive image, along with influence and communication skills to take the interaction effects with boards, shareholders, partners, and other critical parties to the next level. 
  • Learn, balance & sustain at the top with effective leadership qualities in a constantly changing business scenario. 

Why Choose Our Elite Leadership Coaching Program?

Our leadership & executive coaching (LEC) is an elite program designed to drive impact at the peak of the organization. It helps individuals as well as organizations with a progressive acceleration for the unfolding future. The top reasons behind choosing our programs are,

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

A Pragmatic Approach

Ensures the coachees are adequately challenged.

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Custom Developed & Personalized Experience

Designed with personalized development in mind.

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Top Expertise

The coaches are among the best in the leadership scene.

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Future Support

Makes sure that the leaders get all the future support needed

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Purpose Oriented

Driven by a specific purpose that is blocking progress.

Proactive customized Training

Cross Functional Experience

Practical experience of business challenges faced by functional groups

Frequently asked questions

eLearning Frequently Asked Question

Leadership Coaching is a transformative approach to leadership development for the people at the top of the organization. With leadership coaching, an individual or group can get a proper solution to their most complex problems that might be blocking them from progressing forward.

The program is designed with a specific solution in mind. That’s where the ‘’purpose’’ comes in. The solutions are based on that specific purpose. The core focus points of this training are, 

  • Navigation: Leading through turbulent times.  
  • Setting up Strategy: Strategizing for the future. 
  • Change Management: Getting through transitions. 
  • Leading Across Boundaries: Leading in different roles.     
  • Strengthening Pipeline: Futuristic development of the pipeline. 
  • Adapting the Leadership Style: Leading in challenging scenarios.  

Individuals and HR managers can book this coaching for particular people or groups who might need the acquire the leadership qualities to lead the organization further into the future or create a leadership pipeline.

We have a pool of seasoned and recognized coaches enriched with in-depth experience in helping executives better achieve business priorities while growing personally and professionally. The coaches are certified and accredited by globally renowned institutions like INSEAD. Besides, we have Industrial-Organizational (I-O) psychologists, psychometricians & practicing counselors on our team.

Key benefits of Leadership coaching are, 

  • Enabling systemic thinking & increase self-awareness.
  • Explore blocks and resolve them with a sustainable approach. 
  • Strengthen leadership influence and presence.
  • Enhancing the executive image, along with influence and communication skills. 
  • Learning to balance & sustain at the top.