Customized Training Program

Customized Training Programs for Employee Elevation

Enroute Center for Development is the provider of the best Customized Corporate Training in Bangladesh. We understand that employees are the most valuable asset to an organization. And like any other asset to keep it productive employees need to be maintained and developed as well. For employees, it stands for equipping them with skills and development training programs that ensure more productivity in terms of organizational development.

In line with your need in the focal point, we develop professional customized training & development programs for your employees which is the base of the customized training program. To reach the organizational mission & vision in the long run this is the perfect solution.

Featured Customized Training Programs

Have a detailed look at our featured customized program list that will equip your employees with up-to-date skills and ensure your organizational development.

Crafting an Impactful Customized Program Experience

ECDL has the most equipped team of experts to design the best customized corporate training in Bangladesh. With an average of 10+ years in designing & implementing impactful learning experiences, we are capable of handling all sorts of customization required from our programs. With sophisticated R&D, we have also crafted our training modality that defines training success to the next level.

Training Need Assessment
course design
training facilitation
Inter modular tasks
impact assessment

Benefits of Customized Training for Organizations

Developing professional customized training solutions is a great way of ensuring tailor-made solutions that are specifically required for your business. Other than ensuring organizational progress it also comes with many other perks as well. Some of the impacts will be visible in,

Why Choose Us for Customized Training in Dhaka & Nationwide

ECDL is the most experienced provider of customized training programs in Dhaka & Nationwide. We provide flexible learning options for learners at all levels with a diverse range of courses. Led by our subject matter experts and industry professionals we have designed and perfected the courses to emphasize the highest impact on a learner. Some of the core components behind choosing us are:

aced trainer pool

Aced Trainer Pool

We have 120+ aced trainers pool to choose from.

Dedicated Training Facilitation

Dedicated Facilitation

We ensure your need of on-site or dedicated facilitation.

Customized Training Experience

12+ Years of Experience

With over 12+ years of experience we are the most equipped training organization.

customized Training Nationally

Nationwide Availability

We have the capacity to facilitate training on-site & off-site nationwide.

ECDL - Best Professional Training Facilities in Bangladesh

Our Expert Team

We have an expert team of certified individuals with over 10 years of average industry experience

Proactive customized Training

Flexible, Agile & Proactive

Our services are defined as flexible, agile & proactive to meet your particular needs.

Frequently asked questions

eLearning Frequently Asked Question

Customized training is a personalized training solution developed to solve your specific organizational development needs.

ECDL’s customized training is developed & implemented in a tried and tested methodology. It starts with Training need assessment and then gradually we design the training, facilitate the training, assign inter modular task and finish it off with impact assessment.

Assessing if your employees need training or not can be diagnosed in many different ways. According to the worldwide recognized methodology, there are 3 key ways to assess it.

  • Need Assessment: If an individual or team is struggling to meet the KPIs it is a good time to perform a need assessment, according to the result of this assessment customized training can be facilitated.
  • Feedback Form: Creating feedback forms for clients, teams & individuals can be a great way of finding out key areas to improve if any individual or team is not meeting expectations. With these findings, a customized program is delivered.
  • Reviewing Company Goals: Reviewing company goals can be another way of identifying what are the key performance factors that need to be improvised to achieve organizational goals. Professional customized training can be organized accordingly.

Customized training can have many unique characteristics depending on its customization needs. But while you some common characteristics that need to be defined for each training are,

  • Setting training goals
  • Determine training activities
  • Develop training materials
  • Test & implement training

Driving impact is the key reason behind each training. But some key factors need to be ensured to deliver maximum impact. Our suggestions to deliver training that creates maximum impact are,

  • Setting training objectives 
  • Divide training into sections 
  • Create training outlines
  • Keep communication clear